Gallery Visits

With our fantastic location in Central London we are able to make several trips each term to enrich our curriculum. All the girls become familiar with the ten minute walk to the Saatchi Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. We are able to make quick visits to these within lesson time to support the girls in their observational drawing and contextual studies. These galleries offer a vast range of work from the most recent, contemporary art at the Saatchi gallery to historical artefacts at the V&A.

Developing a sense of confidence in these environments not only enables a deeper understanding of the culture and times in which the girls live; it also gives them a rich experience that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.
Travelling slightly further afield we have the Courtauld Institute, The National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum, Tates Modern and Britain, the Wallace Collection and The Wellcome Collection. These galleries have excellent educational programmes, offering guided tours, talks and workshops.

Each year group in KS3-4 have a minimum of two visits a year to these galleries and KS5 have additional trips depending on their chosen area of studies. We ensure that the girls are aware of all the major galleries, their location and how to get to them which facilitates the organisation of their own visits. 

Travelling further afield we also organise trips to the Goodwood Sculpture park in West Sussex and the Shoe Museum in Nottingham where the girls get to see the oldest shoe and the making of a shoe.

Life Drawing

We offer weekly life-drawing classes for year 11 upwards. These give the girls the opportunity to practice their observational skills and eye-to-hand co-ordination. Working from life is fundamental to all creative practice; it develops the understanding of the formal elements that underpin all art. We employ some superb models whose experience enables the girls to relax and develop their drawing skills at an impressive rate. We work in a range of materials from white paint on a black background to develop the understanding of tone and form, to soft, chalk pastels to develop the understanding of colour.

Junior Clubs

We offer lunchtime clubs in the department including Making Greeting Cards, Art Appreciation and Collage. These clubs offer a relaxed time for the girls to play with decorative materials including stars, glitter, ribbon and die-cut shapes, or the chance to chat about works of art, deepen their understanding of them and learn how to express their opinions.

Art  Exhibition

At the end of each year we put on an exhibition of work from all year groups. This fun, social event brings the whole school community to together to celebrate the creativity of all the girls. Each girl has work on show giving them a sense of pride about their artwork over the year.

Prizes are presented by a guest of honour, who is usually an old More House girl who is now working successfully in the art world. Special guests include portrait artist Amy Shuckbugh, Camilla Yadgaroff Arts co-ordinator at Swarovski, photographer Araminta de Clermont and Charlie Evans who is a milliner running her own company. These guests are a great source of inspiration for the girls who are planning art careers and this event offers the opportunity to personally inquire into their path to success.