Scholarship and Bursaries

At More House, we aim to reward and encourage excellence. Students are awarded as a result of academic performance and are a recognition both of current performance and also potential.  


Scholarships are usually awarded at the main entry points of the school, namely Year 7 and LVIth.

We offer a number of scholarships:

  • More Scholars
  • Elizabeth Scholars
  • Margaret Scholars
  • Exhibitioners

Scholarship Applications

Year 7 Entry:

At any time before the assessment interviews commence in mid-November, parents may apply for consideration for a scholarship for their daughter by notifying the Co-Heads, in writing.

In the case of Margaret Scholarships for academic performance these will be awarded in relation to the Admissions Process, including performance in the Entrance Examination itself. It is possible that a Margaret Scholarship for all round academic performance may be awarded by the school without application.

In the case of a Margaret Scholarship for a specific subject the candidate will be invited to an audition or presentation shortly after they received their offer of a place at the school having demonstrated that they have reached the required academic standard for entry in the Entrance Examination. These auditions or presentations, and the resultant decisions, will be made sufficiently swiftly to fall within the deadline for making final admissions decisions.

In the case of an application for a More Scholarship a portfolio of supporting evidence of the type outlined above should be given to the School as soon as possible.


Candidates should apply in writing to the Headmistress in a simple letter outlining their wish to be considered for an Elizabeth Scholarship, or that they wish their existing Margaret Scholarship to be converted to an Elizabeth Scholarship. This does not need to be an elaborate letter. They will then be given a date for their scholarship interview, which will be after the mock examinations.

All scholarship letters are to be sent to our school registrar, Mrs Julia Barnwell (telephone 0207 235 2855, email


Entry bursaries are usually awarded for year 7 entry and thus will be in place before the academic year starts. Special governors’ bursaries may be awarded at any point in the academic year and will normally be in response to a particular set of circumstances, as well as having special provisions attached. Hardship bursaries are usually awarded only to girls already in the school and in examination years.

Bursary Applications:

Parents who wish to apply for bursaries should request an application form from the company secretary to the trust, Mrs Amanda Barker (email This rorm, when completed by the parent concerned, provides financial disclosure concerning parental income and assets. Entry bursaries for year 7 close in mid-November.


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