Faith in Action

Faith in Action

In December 2018, we launched the very exciting Faith In Action Project (‘FIA’).

Faith is a single step on a great adventure with God and education helps shape the lives of our pupils and how they participate in society. As such, school life at More House aims to educate pupils to live justly in their own lives and to strive for peace and justice for others. The pupils are encouraged to think and to act compassionately within the school, the local community and society. We, at More House School, want our pupils’ gifts and talents to be developed and celebrated, both for the pupils themselves and for others.

Consequently, we are providing the pupils with opportunities to showcase their God-given potential and to promote leadership skills through a variety of projects. The pupils will decide term by term the projects we work on and determine how we will fundraise to support various charitable endeavours such as local homeless people, Mary’s Meals, Saint Vincent De Paul, Cafod and others.  FIA will enable the pupils to raise awareness about the importance of buying fairtrade products by selling Fairtrade Divine chocolate during Fairtrade Fortnight and the pupils will actively be involved in the Send My Friend To School campaign whereby they raise awareness about the importance of children worldwide receiving an education - one of the world leaders’ Millennium Development Goals. Pupils are also very keen to work on protecting and preserving our ‘Common Home’ in keeping with Pope Francis’ instructions in encyclical – Laudato Si.

Ultimately, we want the pupils to grow and develop spiritually, morally, academically, socially and culturally. We are hopeful that through FIA the graduates of More House School will emerge committed to promoting social justice for all and working towards the Common Good of all.