Trip to Cambridge

On Thursday 23rd May, a group of pupils were thrilled to be given an opportunity to go on a day trip to Cambridge.

On arrival, the group embarked on a two-hour walking tour around the town, which looked its absolute best in the sunshine. Their tour guide took them along various back streets where they were able to visit some of the university’s oldest colleges and then on to a pub where the discovery of DNA was announced. The girls were especially excited by their visit to King’s College Chapel, where their guide shared the building’s long and fascinating history. In the afternoon, the girls walked to Quayside where they took two chauffeured punting boats down the College Backs while eating lunch. The chauffeurs talked about some of the colleges and their links to the Secret Service. The girls were particularly impressed with the Mathematical Bridge!

Here is what some of the girls had to say about their trip.

“Eton was founded for poor boys, something that 1) is no longer the case, and 2) bemused me beyond words.”

“The Wooden Bridge is a bewildering sight as it is a (partial) circle made up of only straight wooden planks, with an even more bewildering explanation regarding its mathematical properties.”