Year 7 in Boppard

Day 1

We met bright and early on Monday morning for a 7 AM departure, full of enthusiasm and excitement. Despite the 11-hour trip (+ two hours’ delay at the Eurotunnel), our girls remained positive, entertaining themselves with singing, films, more singing, games, and even more singing to pass the time. The time was also broken up by meal stops – the girls enjoyed the strangeness of eating their three main meals in three different countries in one day!

After arriving at the hotel and settling into their rooms, everyone was delighted to hear breakfast would be served at the later time of 9:30. Lie ins all round!

Day 2

Day two got off to a hot start: we woke up at 8 AM to a temperature of 30 degrees celcius. The temperature later reached a high of 38 degrees, with the heatwave set to continue for the rest of our stay. Lots of water breaks, sunscreen breaks, and shade breaks made the heat slightly more bearable.

We took a relaxing boat trip down the Rhein to the small town of St Goar to visit Rheinfels Castle, which was first constructed in 1245. The tour guide was excited to show us through the secret tunnels and dungeons of the castle. Despite the teasing about spiders and snakes, the girls were happy to be in the cool shade and out of the hot sun!

We returned to Boppard to have ice creams, cold drinks, and even buy fans in the 1 Euro shop. The highlight of the afternoon for some, however, was taking advantage of the natural water fountains in the town centre! At the time of writing the girls have been given an hour and a half in the hotel to have cold showers, change, and relax before the evening events.

Our driver, John, is currently trying to tempt More House's favourite karaoke host out of retirement to put on karaoke in the hotel for the girls tonight or tomorrow night. John can be persuasive so fingers crossed! If there's no karaoke, the girls will be taking part in some team-building games in a shady part of the park by the Rhein river!

Day 3

We kicked off day 3 with a walk around Boppard's town centre and a trip to the swimming pool - the girls were pleased to get out of the hot sun! We followed this with ice creams, before dinner. One year 7 pupil remarked we were being very rebellious! After an exhausting day, the girls took advantage of an opportunity to get an early night before day 4. 

Day 4

The girls awoke excited, ready to find out their groups for the theme parkt trip. Mr Carroll and Miss Kempin's groups went on the faster rides, while Miss Stojanovic's group opted for a more laidback day on the slowe rides. The girls in the faster group queued for 80 minutes in the hot sun to go on the Taron Rollercoaster, which has been named the fastest multi-launch rollercoaster in the world! After a 75-second ride, the girls returned shell-shocked, delirious, and with new hairstyles. 

Most girls then opted for the water rides, ready to cool off. Temperatures began to cool off... to a mere 36 degrees! After an exhausting day of rides in the hear, the girls purchased final snacks, ice creams, and bottles of water before returning to the hotel for dinner and a clean up.