Year 8 in Isle of Wight

Day 1 

An excited coach full of year 8 pupils departed from More House bright and early to head to the Isle of Wight. On the way to the ferry, we stopped at Gunwharf quays for a short (but expensive) shopping trip. All shopped out, we headed to the port. We got the most amazing view of the coastline as we took our seats on the top deck of the ferry next to a very friendly dog. We travelled through the windy country roads of the Isle of Wight for 40 minutes before we reached our destination - luckily with no travel sickness! 

With all the travelling done, we began our first activities: buggy building and an obstacle challenge. Bayan showed off her nimble skills whilst crawling over a net in the obstacle challenge, only to be sabotaged by Ella who wobbled the course, causing Bayan to fall through the holes. The other group of year 8 girls showed off their engineering skills as they managed to build a working buggy! Miss Hails and Miss Minto enjoyed a ride courtesy of Harriet, Merelina, Olivia, Steele, and Elisa. 

Our first day ended with a ‘whodunnit’ style murder mystery. Dr Thomas Baker (Lily) was branded the evil culprit by the detectives. Well done to all of the suspects who demonstrated some great acting skills that had us all laughing. 

Day 2 

The year 8s were well rested ready for our first full day of activities! Amongst other activities, group 1 showed their teamwork skills whilst completing a blindfolded obstacle course and group 2 had fun seeing how far they could shoot their bottle rockets across a field. 

At lunch, we joined groups to play a mega volleyball game. With some great digs from Phoebe and some brilliant spikes from Erin, their team were crowned champions. 

Our jampacked afternoon saw group 1 try to emulate group 2’s success when building buggies. Meanwhile, group 2 perfected their duelling skills in fencing. Finally, all groups joined forces to complete a series of problem-solving tasks.

After our very active day, we were glad to hear that our evening activity was a movie night! All of the girls snuggled up on some huge beanbags and watched St Trinian’s with some hot chocolate… the perfect end to a very busy day.

Day 3

On Wednesday, we had an action-packed day filled with activities that required courage, tenacity, and ultimate commitment. They were certainly not for the faint hearted. Not only did we tackle the abseiling wall, where we had to lower ourselves off a tower block, we also completed the ‘Leap of Faith’ activity where we had to climb a 30ft telegraph pole, step onto a platform and jump off to high five a ball suspended from the air. 

After lunch, we met our team rep to take us to the beach. Coming from a school in the middle of London, we relished being by the sea and enjoyed paddling in the (very cold) water. We even played some frisbee. To end the day, we took part in mini-olympics.

Day 4

Our last full day at Kingswood saw us working in pairs to climb 'Jacob’s Ladder’. Horizontal logs are suspended from wires to resemble a ladder, however, the logs get further apart the higher you climb - making it essential to work in pairs to pull (or push) each other up. Well done to Lucy, who managed to get all the way to the top with the help of her partner Phoebe! 

The sun was shining after lunch as we put our rather sandy wetsuits on and headed to the beach. We spent the whole afternoon bodyboarding. Ella Bea managed to ride some pretty big waves all the way back to shore. As the waves quietened down, we ditched the bodyboards and played in the sea. To finish our afternoon, we all enjoyed an ice-lolly on the beach. 

For our final evening, we all sat round a campfire and took part in a Pitch Perfect style ‘riff-off’. Kiera, Merelina and Olivia demonstrated some amazing harmonies. We roasted some marshmallows as we reflected on our exciting week at Kingswood. 

Day 5

All packed up and ready to leave, we headed off to our final activities. Kingswood saved the best till last… zip lining! Girls showed how brave they were as they swallowed their nerves and took a running jump off a 20ft tower attached to a zip wire. Everyone let out screams of excitement (and a little fear) as they zoomed through the field.

Exhausted, we loaded our things back on the coach and headed to the ferry port. We have had an amazing week here at Kingswood. Girls have been resilient, brave, and enthusiastic. We can’t wait for activities week next year!