History of Art Trip to the V&A

On Thursday, a group of year 11, 12, and 13 pupils visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to study sculptural techniques in Western and non-Western art, spanning from ancient Rome to early modernist works.

In the afternoon, we ventured to the pottery café, where we painted various pots with images appropriated from famous artists and used designs based on some of the non-Western art we had seen during our trip.

It was a particularly great trip for our year 11 pupils who will be taking A-level History of Art next year and our year 13 pupils who are wrapping up their studies with us at More House. Here are the girls’ thoughts on the visit!

"It was so interesting to learn about the different ways artists conveyed their ideas of classical idealism or emotional expressionism."

"I loved seeing Tipu's Tiger... it is such an eclectic piece of Indian anti-colonialism and contrasted so brilliantly with Trajan's Column, both in scale and in statement of hubris, power, and pride."

"It was great to see works that were personal to us, too. Cabinets and silverware artefacts linked to pupils and staff were also on show and we were able to see these. The personal stories behind craftworks is fundamental to contextualisation of art – understanding this makes the experience more rewarding and relatable."