Inter-House Rounders on St Thomas More's Day

Four houses, one new venue, one trophy: it was time… for Inter-House Rounders! On Friday 21st June, we spent an exciting and tense day in the sun at Barn Elms Sports Ground playing rounders, to celebrate St Thomas More’s Day! 

As always, the day was packed full of impressive and exciting play – the biggest question on everyone’s mind was, of course, would Santiago take the title again for the third year running? All girls put in maximum effort to give their house the best chance of knocking Santiago off the top spot. The pressure was on – Santiago needed to defend their title. 

There were some fantastic rounders on pitch 4 from Izzy L (Canterbury), who sneakily hit the ball over 1st base, making it nigh impossible for Walsingham to stop her from scoring. A great left-handed catch from Amalia saw Canterbury take down one of Iona’s best players. The triangle of doom from Santiago’s Daphne, Flora, and Katharine intimidated all of the other houses. But would it be enough for them to hold their title? 

On pitch 1, there was some amazing leadership from Walsingam’s Eenes, who impressively supported all of her team ensuring they had a tactical advantage. There were some powerful hits from Iona’s Saffron and Rebecca. Canterbury demonstrated great teamwork, with Steele and Lily as a double-threat backstop. But Santiago proved too dominant, winning all of their matches. 

With all pitch scores contributing to the team competition, every rounder counted. There were a whopping 400+ rounders scored on the day. What an amazing total!

Finally, the results were in. In an unbelievable turn of events, Santiago and Iona had drawn for first place, both with 42 points. There was silence in the scoring tent as Miss Revell and Mrs Mullins worked out the difference in rounders scored vs rounders scored against between the houses. 

The results were announced, Iona had done it! They stole the title from Santiago with a rounder difference of +22, to Santiago’s +14. Congratulations, Iona! And well done to absolutely everyone who threw themselves into play.