Y11 Physics Trip to Cambridge

This week, the physics department took 25 students to the 'Physics at Work' exhibition at the Cavendish Laboratories in Cambridge University. Cavendish Laboratories have a rich history of scientific discoveries, including the discovery of the atomic nucleus and the structure of DNA. We were excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students.
Students spent the afternoon at the exhibition gaining insight into how modern physics is used in industry and scientific research is used to solve real-life problems. We saw interesting presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on activities on how physics is used in the study of biology (with one of the world's newest forms of microscope), the engineering of levitating trains, research into biodegradable plastics, laser printers, and how touch screens are made. We saw the way the latest research is really impacting on design and business.
We also saw that physics is more than just making cars faster! It really is in everything we use every day and that the variety of career options is always evolving.