Sports Day 2019

On a gloriously sunny day in Battersea Park - that seems especially far away this week, given the turn in weather! - More House pupils, staff, and parents descended on Battersea Park for Sports Day. After the traditional start-of-term Mass in the morning, we all travelled down to the park full of excitement and a little nervous anticipation of the events to come.

After a fabulous house parade and invigorating team warm up, the first races were held: sprint heats consisting of 100m, 200m, and 300m races. In the Junior 100m, Issy broke the existing record by completing the race in 14.11 seconds! Emma won the Middies 100m race in 14.72s and Lana won the Seniors 100m in 14.76s. In the 200m races, Iona won the Juniors in 33.93s, Phoebe won the Middies in 32.33s, and Niamh won the Seniors in 31.65s! Finally, the 300m races were a serious test of endurance and speed. Well done to everyone who competed in this tough event! Juliet won the Juniors in 58.89s, Maya won the Middies in 55.03s, and Georgia won the Seniors in 60.47s. 

In the hotly contested middle-distance races, Emma won the Senior 800m in 3m21s, Laura won the Junior 800m in 3m23s, and Lucy won the Middies 800m in a record-breaking 2m52s! Well done, Lucy. The longest test of endurance was still to come, though. The 1500m - three and three quarter laps of the track! - demands careful pacing and mental strength. Esme won the Junior 1500m in 7m20s, Lucy smashed her own record in 6m04s, and Millie won the Senior 1500m in 7m14s.

In the field events, we saw some excellent throwing! Charlotte took 1st in the juniors, 10.59m with a turbo javelin. Georgia took the middies crown with 14.64m. Ella won in the seniors with 18.37m, breaking her own record! In shot put, Poppy took the crown in the juniors, with 5.16m. Eleanor won in the middies, with 5.8m. Aoife won in the seniors with 8.48m, a new record! In the discus event, Lizzy won in the juniors with 11.52m, Anna won in the middies with 14.12m, and Hannah smashed in the seniors with 19.43m!

Over in the jumps, we saw Izzy win in the juniors with 3.67m, Harriet win in the middies with 3.5m, and Juliet win in the seniors with 3.71m. In high jump, Leah won in the juniors with 1.16m, Emma won in the middies with 1.26m, and Cohana won in the seniors with 1.32m, the latter another new school record! 

By the end of the day, all participants were physically exhausted. However, we were all revived when it came to adding up the final scores - especially because this year, Iona’s crown was finally knocked off! Breaking Iona’s seven-year winning streak, Canterbury were crowned winners overall. Congratulations, Canterbury! And well done to everyone who took part in the event, to the teachers who helped organise the event, and to the parents who attended the event.