Year 8 Geography Trip

On Tuesday morning, 37 excitable year 8 pupils headed off to the Natural History Museum for an introduction to tectonic hazards. After a quick snack to refuel, they had a chance to explore the volcanoes and earthquakes gallery to research the structure of the Earth, the causes of plate tectonics, and the explosive geography behind volcanoes and earthquakes. 

This was followed by the awesome "Rock the House" show, in which the girls learned even more about these catastrophic tectonic hazards. During the show, our brave volunteers had a chance to create the mantle, cause an earthquake by jumping, and make a fold mountain. It was an informative session, covering the full year 8 tectonics curriculum.

The girls ended the morning with some independent time exploring the gallery and now feel fully prepared to answer this big question: why do people still live in areas where there are earthquakes and volcanoes?