Year 13 Geography Fieldwork

Upper-sixth geographer Olivia enjoyed her trip to Epping Forest to carry out important fieldwork for the independent geographical investigation component of her A level. She has chosen to investigate the extent to which various tree species in the forest operate as carbon stores, with the further aim of being able to recommend the types of trees we should be planting in order to increase the absorption of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Olivia spent three days learning and experimenting with a wide range of primary research methods in Epping Forest and Stratford. On Monday 18th November, she enjoyed a cold but successful final day in Epping Forest gathering her primary data, which she will now analyse and present in a written report due in February. The research and fieldwork skills required for this task are wide ranging and prepare all geography candidates for the academic rigour of independent study, further reading, and research at university and beyond. We look forward to reading Olivia’s findings in the spring term!