Year 8 R.S. Retreat

On Monday, 36 year 8 pupils – accompanied by Miss Gulin, Miss Reid, and Miss Henvey – set out to Pinner for the annual R.S. retreat.

They took a whopping three tubes to get there, mastering the art of commuting out of London in rush-hour traffic. After a short walk from the station, the group arrived at SPEC, a retreat centre situated in beautiful countrified grounds that welcomes people from all faiths or no faith to enter into a religious journey and discover the meaning of faith.

The day’s session was led by Milan and his team, on the theme ‘The Way, the Truth, and the Life’. The girls were split into two groups to complete various exercises that helped them discover the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus. One activity involved blindfolds and balloons! Needless to say, the pupils showed great enthusiasm as they navigated the blindfolded team member to the “way” – specifically, the location of the balloon. They followed this with a period of quiet reflection in the Chapel, allowing them to reflect on the truth and life of Jesus through scripture and meditation. At lunch, the pupils were able to play in the grounds and enjoy a round of football.

This was a fantastic day of spiritual reflection and renewal that perfectly complements the girls’ classroom studies.