Faith in Action - Gifts for the Homeless

This term, the Faith in Action group have been working tirelessly to encourage all forms across the school to buy Christmas gifts for the homeless. Today, we distributed those gifts to Morgan, the St Vincent De Paul representative. Morgan was speechless when she first caught sight of the many gifts we were storing in the Chapel.

The FIA pupils have been fantastic – not only have they fully immersed themselves in this latest initiative, but they have also visibly loved their work with St Vincent De Paul. The pupils have a keen understanding that contributing to the common good is not about donating money as much as it is donating one’s time. Through small, indiscriminate acts of kindness, the world undoubtedly becomes a better place.

Pope Francis has expressed hope that the nativity scene will serve as a reminder of what Christmas is truly about. A nativity scene “is a genuine way of communicating the Gospel, in a world that sometimes seems to be afraid of remembering what Christmas really is, and blots out the Christian signs to only keep those of a banal, commercial imagination’’. We hope that this Christmas, through our efforts, the pupils have shed some light into the lives of some of London’s homeless.

Merry Christmas all!