SOAS Debates

Last Saturday saw two teams from More House join over 50 teams from schools across London and the South East for a day of debates at SOAS, University of London.

Our pupils (Julia, Harriet, Phoebe, and Sophie) did us extremely proud with their fiercely competitive arguments on diverse set topics such as: taking in refugees during an economic crisis, enforcing quotas in national sports to enable diversity, making teachers’ pay performance related, and supporting the use of police entrapment.

Throughout the day, the teams proposed and opposed motions, opened and closed debates from both sides. Each debate brought fresh opposing teams together and the More House pupils were well met by many different sixth formers from other schools. The girls admirably defended their positions in the face of similarly well-rehearsed and experienced opposing teams, always retaliating with strong rebuttals and points of order. Feedback from the judges was really positive and supportive. Well done!

The location provided a great introduction to university and student life for our pupils. The girls were able to relax and settle into this new environment at a hosted supper in the students’ union, where they socialised with new-found friends.

Here’s what the girls had to say about their day at SOAS:

“It was an intimidating experience, but definitely worth it. I faced my fears of speaking in public. I left feeling accomplished, brave, and powerful!” Julia

“It was an interesting challenge. The experience was definitely worth the effort of getting up so early on a Saturday!” Phoebe

“I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed these new experiences. I’m also proud of my team and how we performed today.” Harriet

“This has allowed me to develop my debating skills in an intense, competitive, and enjoyable environment.” Sophia