Themed Week: The Country In Which We Live

Each week of the spring term will see a different extracurricular timetable of activities on offer to pupils, each one on a specific theme. We kicked things off with ‘The Country in Which We Live’. In assembly, the girls learned about multicultural history of Britain and discussed what Holocaust Memorial Month can teach us about tolerance in our society.

Throughout the rest of the week, some of the clubs and activities available included ‘Britpop Workout’, ‘Country Dancing’, and ‘Game of Thrones Play-Along’. In ‘Art Portraits’, girls responded to a series of portraits of famous British women. They were given free rein on how to do this, but using fabric to reimagine the images proved to be one popular choice! Vivienne Westwood, Beatrix Potter, and Frey Stark all received a More House makeover. Meanwhile, the Horrible Histories film club provided an entertaining and gory perspective of British History including Boudicca, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Shakespeare!

All pupils especially enjoyed the Mufti days, where girls were able to come in wearing their own clothes – but modelled on someone celebrated in Britain! Some of the brilliant costumes included John Lennon and Florence Nightingale.