Themed Week: Wellbeing Week

We kicked things off with a resilience workshop for years 8 and 10, facilitated by Resilience Doughnut. They discussed how to cope with life’s ups and down, looking at case studies and working in groups to come up with solutions. Meanwhile, year 7 took part in a meditation workshop with a trained instructor and learned how they could use this method of relaxation in their daily lives. We wrapped things up with a parent talk from the Nutrition Guru, entitled ‘Food for the Brain’. Miss Brown will be sending around the notes and advice from this talk.

On Tuesday, year 9 enjoyed a talk from Kelly Mulhall, a trained nutritionist who discussed which foods are important to include in our diets. She also stressed why it’s so important to avoid too much sugar and suggested alternative to replace sweets and crisps with healthy, nutritious snacks.

On Wednesday, year 10 heard from a skincare specialist who discussed how to look after their skin. They were given tips on avoiding mineral-based makeup because it clogs their pores, drinking lots of water (at least eight glasses a day), wearing moisturiser with SPF, eating a balanced diet, and getting lots of sleep.

In assembly on Thursday and Friday, Miss Brown shared the advice given by the Nutrition Guru on Monday evening and emphasised the importance of a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Later in the day, year 8 had a puberty workshop where they discussed body changes and hormones in adolescence.

Finally, we wrapped things up on Friday with a gratitude session with Ms Yate, where all the girls wrote down something for which they were grateful. We will be putting these up in a display next week!

Hopefully, the girls have taken something from this busy week of activities, which they can build into their routine to boost their wellbeing.