Informal Concerts

We were treated to a wonderful, talent-filled evening on Wednesday. The improvement since the first informal concert in the autumn term was staggering. The girls kept their nerves in check and gave outstanding performances that testified to their hours of hard work. Many of the pupils recognised their improvement was down to a combination of weekly practice and commitment to choir and chamber orchestra rehearsals.

Hennie performed ‘Air’ by Bach on cello with a wonderful amount of poise and excellent tuning. Her weekly attendance in chamber orchestra rehearsals have cleared made a difference!

With less than a year studying piano, Natsuko performed the well-known piece ‘Where is Love?’ from Oliver. The musical lines were sensitively brought out and her attention to detail was striking.

Our singers tackled a demanding repertoire, from Samra’s delicate interpretation of ‘Silent Worship’, Daria’s characterful rendition of the well-known aria ‘Voi Che Sapete’, and Steele’s exceptional German lied. Jiha and Hajin both showed us what perseverance and practice can achieve with their well-rehearsed clarinet graded pieces and Ana, who has only been learning the clarinet for six months, played a charming version of ‘Daisy Bell’. Saffron’s musicality shone through with the technically demanding piece ‘Jouer de Harp’ and we were also treated to a band rendition of the STYX hit ‘Come Sail Away’, with Esme on drum kit and Olivia and Kiera on vocals.

Following our juniors were the senior musicians. Juliette played a technically demanding flute sonata by Telemann. Yesim and Anastasie provided pleasing harmonies to the well-known balled ‘Someone Like You’. Clemmie and Zina carried both the accompaniment and vocals to ‘Sign of the Times’. Lina provided a well-rehearsed accompaniment to Ilse's ‘Flute Sonata’ by Dussek and Phoenix sang ‘Music for a While’ by Purcell beautifully. Yasmine gave us a polished rendition of ‘Serenade sur l’Eau’ by Ibert and we were treated to a brilliant ukulele mashup from Raya – who knew four chords could give us so many songs!

Thank you to all our staff, who put so much of their time and effort into nurturing the girls’ many talents, and thank you to all our wonderful performers, who provided such a lovely evening of entertainment. We look forward to their music competition entries in the summer term.