Year 7 Geography trip

On a cold but sunny day this week our excited Year 7 girls travelled by tube to Kew Gardens for their Geography field trip. Each group visited the desert area in the Princess of Wales Conservatory where they took some wonderful photos of the desert plants. They were also lucky enough to explore the vibrant Orchid Festival. 

On leaving the conservatory they spent some time exploring the characteristics of deserts and even designed their own desert animals.  The girls analysed climate graphs, applying what they had already learned in class, to a new ecosystem. The girls then moved onto the tropical rainforest section. They used a variety of weather equipment to measure and compare the conditions both in and out of the rainforest. The incredibly helpful Kew Gardens staff told us all about the unique rainforest goods and services including coffee, vanilla, cocoa and even a cancer treatment medicine that is made from a periwinkle! 

We ended the day with good old-fashioned fun in the children’s garden, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. 

It was a fantastic day. The girls were polite, engaged, and knowledgeable and greeted all of their tasks with vigor and enthusiasm.