London Live appearance for Issy in Year 8

As you may remember from earlier newsletters, Issy has been turning her artistic hand to raising money for UK youth and wildlife charities, by painting amazing pictures of endangered animals.     

Issy was invited because of this work to talk to Tanya Francis on London Live about climate change, endangered animals and of course the Global Youth Awards 2020.

She was very nervous as it was a large TV studio with 4 massive cameras being moved around on tracks and screens all around.  Tanya chatted to both Issy and one of last year’s award winners, Ishaan.  Issy spoke about her sloth painting, the rainforests being cut down by and how she wants to do more to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues in the future.  Ishaan discussed his website ‘Stolen Dreams’ and his campaign to end child slavery. Both of them are pictured with Tanya Francis and Tanith Harding who is Head of International Projects for the RoundTable Global Legacy Project.

Issy and Ishaan have both been asked to co-host the Awards in October this year, which is very exciting. 

I am sure you will all join us in congratulating Issy on this amazing achievement.  We will all be glued when her recent interview airs in a few weeks.