Year 8 Art Trip and Collage Workshop for Year 10 & 11

Before half term our Year 8 headed out to the Chelsea Physic gardens, in order to collect primary research for their new project on botanical drawings. We managed to pick the only sunny day to investigate the hidden gem of Chelsea.

Girls explored the frog ponds and green houses, making some lovely drawings, before returning to school to turn these into starting points for the sumi-i work. 

Year 10 and 11 artists also welcomed Daniel Morgan - Stern to More House. Daniel has a weekly collage feature in the Sunday Times and was keen to share his experiences as a commercial illustrator with the girls.

He lead the girls in a collage workshop and the collages were then animated as gifs using their phones. The outcomes were really exciting and Daniel commented on the natural abilities of the girls to understand the processes and limitations of the work.