Eco Week at More House

The Science and Geography departments merged this week in order to increase our student’s awareness of our precious environment.

Many activities took place across the week with the aim of encouraging our girls to both appreciate the natural world more and increase their understanding of our role in preventing global warming.  Mrs Mazewski invited a Geographic Scientist, Jenny Williams from Kew Gardens, to talk to us about her research around the world. She is a Geographer who specialises in remote monitoring of forests to detect deforestation but has also had roles studying the impact humans have had on monarch butterfly migration and coffee growing in Ethiopia. She uses satellite imagery and more recently has become a drone pilot in order to get images from remote places. Unfortunately last week Jenny was called to go to Madagascar and document some deforestation so had to cancel, but we were lucky enough to see a video she had filmed over the half term for us.  We were all shocked by the unexpected impacts of climate change; storms killing the monarchs, deforestation and temperature rises making it more difficult for the coffee to grow and changing the taste of it! She also opened our eyes to the life of a Kew researcher, travelling around the world, living in difficult conditions to collect data and working with local communities.

Miss Inchencko spoke on one of her expert areas, volcanoes and their role in climate change.  Mrs Brett and Mrs Mazewski used art, film footage and our virtual reality headsets to help some of the juniors appreciate the beauty of the coral reefs and what we will lose if we don't slow climate change down.  Our Sixth form Eco Officers, Lili and Amanda, taught the Year 7 students how to grow their own food rather than buy it and therefore reduce their carbon footprint.

We were also delighted to be joined by an environmental geologist this week, Mrs Donata Magrin, who came in to talk to us about fashion sustainability.  A topic which the girls found incredibly interesting. 

Miss Stansfield took an Eco walk around Knightsbridge to show that even in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities we can still capture excess carbon by planting trees. The girls were reminded to think about their travel choices and that we should all try to walk rather than drive or take buses and tubes for short distances.

We realise that together, with each of us making mindful and often small changes, we can slow climate change down and help prevent the loss of our beautiful natural world.