Sixth Form Taster Day for Year 11

On Thursday 21st January, Year 11’s had their Sixth Form Virtual Taster Day. Traditionally on Taster Day, the Year 11’s take over the Sixth Form suite on the fourth floor of the building. This year however, the event took place entirely online. Throughout the day the students sampled lessons in each A-Level subject and experienced a range of new styles of learning in the process.

The students started the day asking ‘Where do phobias come from?’ in Psychology or ‘What makes a hero?’ in Classics. They were then treated with a morning dose of Sondheim in Music, life-drawing a contortionist using cold coffee in Art and Design, mapping out the locations of Disney films in Geography and discovering the shapes of the ‘beautiful’ proteins that make up DNA in Biology. The Spanish lesson saw the students experiencing the tango and flamenco, musical styles of the Spanish culture, while over in History of Art the students discussed the difference between nudity and nakedness and how the subject links closely with marketing and advertising.

The Mathematicians enjoyed finding a gradient function, with a task that ironically involved more letters than numbers, and the Physicists experimented with a slow motion orchestra to learn about sound waves and vibrations. In Business Studies the students formed small companies and had to manufacture a ‘good quality egg’ which could survive the postal system and make its way safely to More House, meanwhile the Drama students developed a reinterpreted performance of Alice in Wonderland with a twist!

Our Chemists carried out online experiments in titration, whilst the Historians analysed how Hitler came to power. Our French students voiced their opinions about television shows very articulately (and in French, naturally!) and in Philosophy and Ethics there were some very complex discussions about the moral theory of Utilitarianism. In the afternoon the PE Studies students learned all about performance enhancing drugs and created their own sports drinks to improve performance whilst the Literature students analysed some Donald Trump quotes and learned about theories of literary criticism. Finally, the Textiles students finished the day by making amazing art-deco fabric designs and some incredible 3D fashion made from household items.

Overall it was a wonderful day, a testament to the hard work of the A-Level teaching staff and the adaptability and imagination of the girls in Year 11. Hopefully the students are now feeling more informed as they get closer to making their A-Level subject choices in the coming weeks. A sincere thank you to all involved.