Higher Education & Careers

As the girls come to the end of their school education, we aim to provide them with comprehensive, unbiased information on the options available to them. This includes university study, vocational courses and entering the work force. 

The aim is to give the girls the necessary information at the appropriate time, without overwhelming them. 

Lower Sixth are given general information on future options at the beginning of the spring term, the expectation being that they have researched and decided on their next step by the end of the academic year. The last 3 sessions of the year are set aside for the girls to log into the UCAS website (if necessary) and to have a comprehensive introduction to writing a personal statement. 

Upper Sixth have the first half term set aside to complete this form. Each girl is assigned a teacher who will support them in the completion of their application, both checking and providing feedback on their personal statement and writing their reference. 

It is expected that teachers will provide a reference and be in a position to send the application within one week of the girls completing their section of the form. 

As well as UCAS applications, there is support for those opting to apply to Art College. The Art department offers an evening class to help prepare portfolios to support applications.

Those wishing to apply to other institutions directly are also given advice and support specific to their needs.