Faith in Action

More House is not only committed to providing academic education to our girls, but also nurturing a moral and social compass for life.

An important part of this is our charitable fundraising, an aspect of our education that we are particularly proud of. We feel that an important part of our Catholic ethos is to ensure that the privileges that we are fortunate to experience are shared with others.

Each form is responsible for a fundraising event per term, with members of the class choosing the recipient charities. Often a form will develop a relationship with a particular organisation and continue to donate to them over successive events. Other events may be run as a response to national or world crisis appeal.

Form assemblies are often based around Charities the girls would like to help. We understand the importance not only of giving monetary aid, but also of raising awareness as to the background of problems and the work various charities undertake. This year assemblies have focused on CAFOD, local food banks, Cardinal Hume centre, to name a few.

Popular fundraising activities include:

  • Mufti days: Themes for the days in recent year have included onesie days, Super hero day, Christmas Jumper day. 
  • International Womens Day is an important fun day in the school. Girls are invited to come dressed as inspirational women form history. This is a chance to celebrate the success of women, as well as a fun way to raise some funds for womens charities.
  • Cake sales. 
  • Race for Life: More House girls, parents and teaching staff are regular participants in the Battersea park Race for life. This year over 70 entries made up the school team.
  • Tenner challenge. This year we undertook a new charity event, the Tenner Challenge. Girls were groups into teams of 6 and were given £10 per team. They use this start-up capital to get a business off the ground. They have the whole month to make as much profit as they can from their tenner while also trying to make a difference and give back to society. This year a number of groups managed to convert their starting capital into final totals of £300+.
  • As well as fundraising, Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to volunteer with local charities and organisations. Popular activities have included visiting elderly members of the community to help them become more computer literate and helping in local primary schools.
  • We believe that our charitable work helps to develop well rounded, caring compassionate young adults, who have the capacity to leave our school with a heightened level of social awareness.