Mission Statement & Aims of the School

Mission Statement

Through Catholic values, each person will achieve their God-given potential, striving to be tolerant, thoughtful, and good stewards of the life that they have been given and the world in which they live, and acting with commitment, integrity, compassion, and a sense of justice.

Aims of the School

  • Develop inspiring and successful young women by fostering commitment, integrity, and compassion;

  • Foster an ethos of spiritual development, humility, and gentleness, founded on the Catholic Faith, but relevant to those who adhere to other faiths and beliefs; 

  • Engender a culture of intellectual curiosity, exploration, debate, and challenge in the classroom and pride in individual and collective achievement;

  • Provide for the social wellbeing and development of pupils and staff through tolerance, peace, and justice in an environment where all are valued and supported and where individual rights and dignity are respected;

  • Embrace the philosophy of global citizenship by developing an awareness and understanding of whole-world sensitivities, but not forgetting the needs of all.