Catholic Ethos

We are proud of our Catholic heritage and ethos. Our mission gives us a spiritual depth that benefits each one of our girls.

We provide a safe and supportive environment that embraces and respects people of all faiths or none. Our reputation for excellent pastoral care finds its roots here. Within this framework, our girls have the space to explore and develop their ethical, moral, and spiritual values. They come to understand the benefits of tolerance and respect, the significance of human dignity, and the duty of care that all leaders should demonstrate. They know what they stand for and appreciate the importance of their uniqueness.

The Spiritual Life of the School

Although the school has a Catholic foundation, we welcome and respect all faiths or the absence of one. However, in worship, in our relationships, and in teaching More House is committed to the expression of the Catholic faith, both explicitly and - perhaps more importantly - in our daily life together. Girls are expected to be tolerant, thoughtful, and good stewards of the life they have been given and the world in which they live, and to act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of justice.

The school is fortunate to have its own Chapel, where regular weekly services are held for girls and Staff. Catholic girls celebrate Days of Obligation when they fall within the school day and the school also celebrates St Thomas More's Day. The School also expresses its spirituality in very practical ways.

All girls help to fundraise for charity and the School also has a number of links with various charitable endeavours around the world. The girls normally select three charities to support during the year: one local, one national, and one international. We also take part in national events such as Race for Life, Red Nose Day, Jeans for Genes Day, and the CAFOD Lentern Appeal.

The Catholic Independent Schools’ Conference issued a statement on the nature of the independent Catholic school. Its statements are reproduced below with comments on how More House fufils its Catholic heritage:

“The purpose of a Catholic School is the holistic development of each individual as a human person within a loving community: which is welcoming, forgiving, secure and challenges each to follow Christ in serving others”

It is our aim to be welcoming to all our visitors and to all members of the school community.  There are many small ways in which we try to do this:

  • A new student will be paired up with a Lower Sixth Mentor. The L6th Mentor is in touch with her “mini” during the summer holiday to welcome her to More House and introduce herself. Their first meeting is at the New Pupil Induction day at the start of the summer term.
  • All new girls join our House system and remain in that House during their time at the school. This enables cross-year interaction and encourages girls to get to know students from other years. They have house meetings once a month and regularly share in interhouse events.

“with a 2000-year-old tradition”

Though the school is just fifty years old, our assemblies and teaching of Religious Studies and other subjects are conscious of the importance of the Catholic tradition over the centuries. 

“where the development of each is nurtured so that pupils are intellectually challenged, spiritually awakened and helped to develop a deeper understanding of their faith”

“where worship is integral to the life of the school”

“where each person can participate in the sacramental life of the school”

The availability of the chapel, with reservation of the Sacrament, is perhaps the most important way in which the sacramental life of the school is open, regularly and publicly available. 

"that is inclusive and welcomes pupils of other faith traditions"

We welcome girls of all faiths or no faiths and encourage mutual respect and tolerance among our students and staff, however we do ask that our pupils and staff partake in the whole-school Catholic observances.