Why Choose a Girls' School?

It is no secret that girls and boys mature and develop at completely different rates and at varying stages of their lives. Girls will thrive in a single-sex environment like More House, where the teaching and pastoral care is tailored to their individual needs. Unsurprisingly, research tells us that all students achieve better results academically, at single-sex schools. Durham University found that ‘the average performance of pupils of both genders in single-sex schools, is better that the average performance of their counterparts in mixed schools - by a significant margin’. Better academic results however, are not the only benefit of a single-sex environment. More House girls gain invaluable life skills - such as self-confidence, independence, respect for others and strong moral values.

Girls need an element of trust between the teacher and themselves, but at the same time they also need the space to explore their own personal aspirations, without feeling that they must conform to stereotypes. Our girls will leave More House going into a world which turns at an incredible speed but we will have taught them to be adaptable, resilient, caring, socially aware and educated to a high level. Whether they turn out as future scholars, career-women, mothers (or achieve all three), your daughters will face the competitive world of 21st century life, in top gear and fully armed to overcome the perpetual challenges that life inevitably throws at all of us.

One of the school's headmistresses, Mrs Pauline Mathias, was elected President of the GSA (Girls’ School Association) – the first Catholic Headmistress to hold this office. After leaving More House on retirement, Mrs Mathias was elected Chairman of GBGSA (Governing Body of Girls’ Schools Association). Our ties with these associations have remained strong since then.