School Houses

When girls join More House School in Year 7 and the Sixth Form, they are placed into one of four Houses – Canterbury, Iona, Santiago and Walsingham. 

The names represent four Catholic places of pilgrimage.  Girls remain in the same House throughout their school life.  Placing girls in Houses enables inter-school competition at all levels as well as creating a sense of belonging.  

Each house is led by a member of staff (Head of House), assisted by one or more sixth form House Captains. (House Captains are appointed by the Head of House following formal interviews). Each house will also have a representative from each year group to assist the running of house events. Credits are awarded to each house following inter-house competitions.  Individuals may also collect credits for their house and are awarded certificates at the weekly house meetings according to the chart below.  At the end of each term and school year, the credits gained by each house are totalled up and the winning House receives a trophy.

Individual House Awards
Number of Credits: Certificate Awarded:
5 Honours Card
25 Certificate of Achievement
50 Bronze Certificate
75 Silver Certificate
100 Gold Certificate
200 Platinum Certificate

House Competitions

A wide range whole school and subject specific inter-house competitions are organised each year and all girls are expected to represent their house in one or more of these.


History of Art competition
Engineering challenge
Temple Run
MFL competition
Talent competition
Dance competition
Maths quiz



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