Clubs & Activities

Extracurricular Programme:

This term's extracurricular timetables can be found in the menu on the left.

Clubs provide opportunities for girls to try new activities and develop skills based on their interests. All girls are encouraged to take part in clubs and activities: year 7-9 participate in three clubs a week during lunch and may partake in before and after school clubs if they are of interest. Senior students are encouraged to participate in at least one lunchtime activity and one sporting activity per week.

Clubs are run by teachers but supported by senior pupils in years 10, 11 and the sixth form. Assisting with the running of a club provides a leadership opportunity for our older girls and a chance for them to give back to the school community. 

Examples include:

Study Club

Dance Club 



Circuit Training

Pom Pom Club

Science Club

Foreign Film Club

Sporcle Club

7 Minute Workout

Netball Shooting

Drama Club



Retro Games

Dream Catcher Club

Multi Skills Club

Ukelele Club

Eco Club

Guitar Club

Art Club

Horrible Histories Club

Prayer Club

Running Club

Chess and Draughts

Swimming Club

Book Club

Scrabble Club

Mandarin Club

More Green