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The Form Tutor

At More House, we place enormous value on the Form Tutor relationship with our pupils. There are two Form Tutors per form. This means that each pupil has been assigned one Form Tutor, who is the main point of contact for her and her parents. The Form Tutor maintains an overview of each pupil’s progress, both academic and personal, as well as providing day-to-day pastoral care.

With class sizes no larger than sixteen, our Form Tutors’ knowledge of the girls is second to none. Our proactive approach to tackling any issues that may arise creates a safe and warm environment in which pupils flourish.

Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE)

PSHE is delivered primarily in Form Time every Wednesday and is supplemented by a number of specialist assemblies, themed weeks and guest speakers throughout the year.  Topics covered include:

  • Online Safety
  • Drugs and Alcohol Education
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Relationships and Sex Education

Our PSHE provision is regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of our pupils in an ever-changing world.

We are also pleased to offer termly talks for parents on a range of topics.

The Senior Teacher Pastoral and PSHE and the Deputy Head Pastoral

The Senior Teacher Pastoral and PSHE works closely with Form Tutors to maintain oversight of the day-to-day pastoral work with pupils from Years 7-11, whilst also overseeing the implementation of our PSHE programme. Our Head of Sixth Form maintains pastoral oversight for Years 12 and 13, working closely with Sixth Form Form Tutors.

The Deputy Head Pastoral is a member of our Senior Leadership Team and is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). This means that any safeguarding concerns are reported straight to her. Should the Deputy Head Pastoral be absent or unavailable, then our Deputy DSL is our Associate Head and our Senior Teacher Pastoral and PSHE.

Should any concerns arise, parents are invited to make contact with their daughter’s’ Form Tutor in the first instance, but are most welcome to contact the Senior Teacher Pastoral and PSHE or the Deputy Head Pastoral, should it be necessary.

The School Counsellor

All pupils have access to private, confidential appointments with our School Counsellor. Girls find this support incredibly valuable as they navigate the journey of teenage life.


Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the pupils at our School is our first priority. Our approach is child-centred and all actions are taken in the best interests of the child.

Should you ever have a safeguarding concern, please email:

Their strong sense of being safe is a consequence of the school’s excellent pastoral care. Pupils are very happy in school; they know and trust their teachers, confident that staff care about them as individuals. (ISI Inspection Report 2019)

Pupils behaviour and attitudes reflect the school’s strong emphasis on personal responsibility and sensitivity to the rights of others. Relationships are excellent. (ISI Inspection Report 2019)

What is evident is the real strength of partnerships – with parents, and the wider community and the way in which you engage with them to ensure pupils receive the best. (Diocesan Inspection Report 2019)