At More House School, we cherish the whole person and are not bound by traditional measures of success. Our pupils know that they are so much more than the grades they achieve as students.

In order to reach their potential, their happiness and self-confidence as learners is paramount, so we adopt a whole school approach to learning support. Our teachers are aware of the different needs of pupils and able to differentiate lessons more effectively due to small class sizes. We focus on the individual and offer a bespoke education to all. We pay equal attention to cognitive and emotional factors and offer an integrated approach. The goal of all support is to include and enable each pupil to achieve their very best and to become as independent as possible.

We are also able to draw upon the services of a range of external practitioners, where required. This may include, for example, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists, music therapists and psychotherapists.

Learning support at More House aims to remove barriers and give each child the confidence they need to achieve their best.

Support is provided in a variety of formats depending on the unique needs of each pupil. The intensity and duration of support is based on the pupil’s specific needs.  Support can include one-to-one or group sessions focusing on, for example:

  • guided reading
  • spelling instruction
  • revision skills
  • touch-typing skills
  • homework completion
  • handwriting
  • organisational skills
  • extended writing
  • social skills
  • confidence building

Support is reviewed regularly and always in liaison with subject teachers to ensure that the needs of pupils are met. SEND staff also observe lessons throughout the year providing supportive feedback to staff on aspects of their practice. This also provides a key means of assessing how pupils are managing in class, enabling us to develop a more nuanced and rounded understanding.  Support is always viewed as a collaborative endeavour between SEND staff, pupils, teachers and home.

SEND staff are qualified to conduct assessments for examination access arrangements. We have access to a range of psychometric tests, which can be used for more detailed assessments. We can also arrange external assessments where needed. We can support pupils regardless of whether a formal diagnosis of a special educational need or disability is present.

The Team
Mr J RobertsChartered Psychologist & SENCO
Ms S GunnerSpecialist SEN Teacher
Ms C WardSpeech & Language Therapist (SLT)
Ms V GeorgeLearning Support Teacher