We pride ourselves on knowing our students as individuals, our Be More programme is designed with that in mind. We identify students who have the potential to excel both inside and outside of the classroom, to ensure they are motivated and inspired, building their confidence and resilience so that they can achieve new heights.

There are two strands to our programme, academic and co-curricular. As part of the academic programme, departments have designed challenging and inspiring curriculums, encouraging debate, perseverance and academic excellence. Our co-curricular programme ensures students can increase the breadth and depth of their knowledge and understanding through a vast array of clubs and activities as diverse as Introduction to Italian Club led by students, and STEM Club. We have a range of guest speakers across the year who specialise in industries such as Medicine, Law, Politics and Engineering. Students participate in regular trips to universities and cultural institutions to inspire them and encourage a sense of purpose.

It was an intimidating experience, but definitely worth it. I faced my fears of speaking in public. I left feeling accomplished, brave, and powerful!

Our Be More programme is inclusive, with students invited to join the programme on recommendation from staff or peers at any point in their More House journey. These students are offered mentoring and advice on both strands of our programme. Most of the clubs and activities are open to all students, to ensure that everyone at More House benefits from the opportunities available.

At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 our more able students are offered academic mentoring from the Sixth Form and staff, where they can discuss their academic progress, how they are participating in school life, wider reading and a tailored programme of clubs and activities are recommended to them.

In our Sixth Form, staff work with our more able students to tailor our academic programme and ensure students are extending themselves within and outside of the classroom. Speakers and journal clubs are hosted by departments, trips and workshops run regularly and students are guided to attend the fantastic events hosted by London universities and learned societies.

Events such as the Be More Brunch are held regularly and focus on fostering vital skills such as critical thinking and reasoning, whilst developing confidence and a sense of community. More Talks is a new initiative where students will research, develop and present TEDx style talks on a variety of topics. The initiative allows students to practise the art of storytelling whilst delivering talks about their passions.

Applicants to Oxbridge and other leading universities are given guidance and assistance as they make their choices and complete their applications, and any who are invited to interview will be given mock interviews both internally and with contacts outside school.