Being in central London, More House is perfectly positioned to use all that the city has to offer as an extension of our school buildings. Our science labs are the London parks, the world-class museums are our exhibition halls and London’s modes of public transport are our school corridors.

We make the best of all that London has to offer and we claim these special places as our own, providing as many opportunities as possible for our pupils to enjoy them, learn from them and think bigger than the four walls of their classrooms.

In Key Stage 3, pupils are taken off timetable once a half-term for a City Curriculum Day. These days are cross-curricular in nature and give our students the chance to explore what they are learning in lessons and to bring the outside world into their understanding of all they are discovering in school.

Some of the City Curriculum Days planned for this year include:

Year 7: Art in Nature (Geography, Science and Art)

Today you will embark on an adventure into the gardens at Kew. Follow paths to tucked away hiding places to study plants, ecosystems and the great outdoors. Try your hand at scientific diagrams and botanical drawings before taking all that you have learnt back to the classroom.

Year 8: Sci-Fi Day (Science and English)

Today you will visit the Science Museum to look to the future and expand your horizons. Working with your Science and English teachers, you will become an author. You will use the inspiration from the Science in the museum and story-telling techniques from English to create a new world with the power of words.

Where a small school meets the big city

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