At More House, we recognise the importance of equipping our students with the skills they need, not just in the classroom, but for life. Year 7 Park School is such an experience and allows each student to explore the wider world beyond the curriculum, in the outdoors, with a focus on developing relationships, building resilience and celebrating creativity.

Each year, Park School follows a theme and students have focused on activities centred around “Taking another Look” (June 2022) and “A Time to Grow” (October 2022). Through a series of carefully planned, pedagogically rich activities, each student had the opportunity to interpret this theme whilst learning in the outdoors.

I liked the fact that we used nature for art because it was really fun! I also enjoyed writing poems, hearing the ducks and really enjoyed the yoga.

Year 7 pupil

We keep these weeks of outdoor learning theme and activity based, rather than limited by subject names. Sessions have included:

  • Reading under the Trees – a chance to read under the trees in Hyde Park
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt – creative thinking activities involving phone photography skills
  • Sounds of Nature – creating a soundtrack using natural sounds
  • Growth in Nature – a series of growth mindset activities centred around natural themes and poetry
  • A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – a series of activities encouraging the use of modern foreign languages to describe the park
  • Walking and Talking – a walk to Speaker’s Corner ending with the opportunity to speak about the issues that are most important
  • Hyde Park Naturally Growing – a range of activities including soil and water sampling

We cannot wait to see what next year’s Park School will involve!

I really liked doing the art with the leaves because we laid the leaves down and made patterns, we also learned more about Autumn. The Science was also very fun because we were testing the soil and the water temperature.

Year 7 pupil