We welcome girls of all faiths or no faith and encourage mutual respect and tolerance among our students and staff, however we do ask that our pupils and staff partake in the whole-school Catholic observances. We are a beautifully diverse school and celebrate the richness that this brings to our community.

More House 181

More House is committed to the expression of the Catholic faith, both explicitly and – perhaps more importantly – in our daily life together. Girls are expected to be tolerant, thoughtful, and good stewards of the life they have been given and the world in which they live, and to act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of justice. Daily prayer is just one way in which we share stillness and spiritual time together as a community.

The school is fortunate to have its own Chapel, where regular weekly services are held for girls and Staff. Catholic girls celebrate Days of Obligation when they fall within the school week and the school also celebrates St Thomas More’s Day, which is a highlight of the year.

Charitable work is a core part of More House school life and now sits under the umbrella of “Faith in Action” (FIA). This group of committed pupils not only mobilises the whole School and delivers continual support for national and international campaigns that pupils are passionate about but also provides support and focus for the many and varied activities driven by individual girls/year groups throughout the school year. The School works closely with and for CAFOD, the Cardinal Hume Centre and the WE Foundation.

More House prides itself on nurturing global citizens with a we-can-do attitude prevalent within the School since its inception. The pupils actively campaign about key life-issues including lobbying our local MPs about pressing matters such as climate change and homelessness, actively supporting climate change campaigns and raising money and awareness for asylum seekers and homeless people in our community. The Faith In Action group also supports international causes, examples of this are selling Rafiki bracelets made by women and children in Tanzania where any profits made go towards providing students in Tanzania with educational resources; a trip to Cambodia in 2012 to build visitor huts to promote sustainable tourism rather than poaching and in 2016 a trip to Ecuador to replant native trees in areas of the jungle affected by the palm oil trade.

Our exceptional Music department, involving past and present members of the More House community, shares music and liturgy all over the world – performing at a very broad range of churches and other venues from the School’s local community to small local schools and churches in various countries to Notre Dame, the Sacré Coeur, and the Vatican for the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Our Mission Statement

Through living by Catholic values, our pupils are invited to achieve their God-given potential, by striving to be tolerant and thoughtful members of our community, whilst offering the very best version of themselves to all that they do. They will reflect our core values by acting with commitment, integrity, and compassion.

With Christ at the centre of our caring, supportive and prayerful community of pupils, staff and parents, we know our pupils as individuals, provide for their specific needs and encourage them to become socially conscious young adults.

We provide a safe and supportive environment that embraces and respects people of all faiths or none. Our reputation for excellent pastoral care finds its roots here. Within this framework, our girls have the space to explore and develop their ethical, moral, and spiritual values. They come to understand the benefits of tolerance and respect, the significance of human dignity, and the duty of care that all leaders should demonstrate. They know what they stand for and appreciate the importance of their uniqueness.

Our aims

  • Cultivate inspiring and successful young women by fostering Commitment, Integrity and Compassion
  • Promote an ethos of spiritual development, humility and self-awareness, founded on the Catholic Faith but relevant to those who adhere to other faiths and beliefs
  • Engender a culture of intellectual curiosity both inside and outside of the classroom and pride in individual and collective achievement
  • Provide for the social and emotional wellbeing and development of pupils and staff through tolerance, justice and openness in an environment where all are equally valued and where individual rights and dignity are respected
  • Embrace the philosophy of Global Citizenship by developing an awareness and understanding of whole world sensitivities and the importance of living sustainably

I strongly support the school, its contemporary Catholic ethos and everything you and your colleagues are doing for the students in all Year Groups, which is amazing. Current parent