Participation of each individual contributing to a greater collective aim is a strong element of the House system at More House. The events are designed to provide an opportunity for students to express themselves no matter what their interests. The events have different levels of competitive ethos so everyone can feel comfortable yet challenged. Daily, all students amass credits and debits which count towards their House total in addition to points for various events.


A different House event is run almost weekly throughout the year. The calendar is varied each year to ensure it remains vibrant and appealing. The stalwart events that have been mainstays throughout the House system include Sports Day, House Talent Show, House Entertainment Production, Engineering Challenge, House Netball, Rounders’ Day, House Brains and Countdown and various subject-specific events. Each of these holds a special place in the heart of our students and the level of engagement from the participants and the audience is always fantastic.


The organisation around House activities creates opportunities for pupils to take on responsibility. Taking responsibility enhances self-confidence and develops leadership skills. Opportunities include: planning events and/or assemblies; preparing notice boards, motivating others to participate and leading a team to achieve a common goal. Each House is run by a House Captain from the Upper Sixth. They meet weekly as part of a leadership programme that helps them to develop their confidence leading the House assembly and supports them in planning and running the House events.

Unifying the School

The House system provides opportunities for pupils to work together from different tutor groups and year groups. It provides opportunities for teamwork and opportunities to reflect how individuals contribute to a shared vision. Older students are paired with new students in the House when they first arrive to act as mentors to help ease the transition to secondary school and then to offer advice and guidance on all elements of school life.

The Houses