Year 7 Entry

Applications can be made for scholarships at any time before or upto the closing date for registrations which is 12th November this year. Please see our scholarship programme booklet. Applicants applying for a scholarship will be sent an additional application form to complete. When submitting this application form please ensure this is accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the most appropriate teacher at her current school. There will be additional interviews and assessments for scholarships in January 2022. If your daughter is applying for sixth form and would like to apply for scholarship please discuss this directly with our Registrar.


Bursaries are considered for pupils entering the school in Year 7 and thus will be in place before the academic year starts. Special governors’ bursaries may be awarded at any point in the academic year and will normally be in response to a particular set of circumstances, as well as having special provisions attached. Hardship bursaries are usually awarded only to girls already in the school and in examination years.

Parents who wish to apply for bursaries should contact our Registrar who will send you the Bursary Award Policy and Procedures.  The closing date for submission of all completed bursary applications, including financial disclosure of parental income and assets, needs to be completed by 30th November.

Please note that bursaries do not include the Registration Fee, the Bursary Application fee, the Acceptance Deposit or any extras except for those stipulated if an award is made.