Business is a popular subject choice at More House and each year a high proportion of our students go on to study the subject at university.


Head of Department

Mrs P Revell -



The mission of the and Business Studies department is to create an environment in which the student is encouraged to be proactive in their quest for mastery of the dynamics of business, to develop an awareness of its ethical dimension, and to take ownership of their own responsibility.


1. To stimulate and maintain student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Business Studies.

2. To enable students to be familiar with a body of business knowledge, principles, skills and vocabulary.

3.a) To enable students to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence.

b)To enable students to see Business Studies in the context of a wider body of knowledge and skills.

c)To enable students to understand and use investigative methods.

b)To enable students to be able to work independently and as part of a team.

4.To employ teaching methods and resources that allow all students, irrespective of their  ethnic origin, and academic ability, to have equal access to Business studies and to experience success and enjoyment in their Business Studies work.

5.a) To develop an awareness in students of the implications of business and industry, past and present, and of the ethical issues for the individual, the community and the environment.

b)To allow students to develop informed opinions and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments that recognise the limitations of the ideas and concepts used.



The business department hold a range of extra curricular activities. These include:


The department offers students the opportunity to explore the wealth of business activities in London e.g. visiting Peter Jones department store as well as independent shops on Walton St and around Belgravia. This year we had a particularly enjoyable trip to ‘Rococco Chocolates.


We take the Sixth Form to see plays where relevant e.g. ‘Money the Game Show’ and ‘Kinky Boots’.


Every year we are able to take the Sixth Form students to a series of workshops in central London. Four interactive sessions are given by entrepreneurs or specialists in their field for each module that they study.

Annual Enterprise Challenges

During the year a number of challenges are run e.g. ‘The Tenner Challenge’ and the ‘Great Egg Adventure.’