Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, people, places and environments.  It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live.  It is about making sense of our everyday lives and how we are part of our globalised world.


Head of Department 

Mr J La Frenais -


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The aim of the Geography department at More House School is to instil a passion for the subject, developing a clearer understanding of our planet and the interconnectivity of the modern world. The department also aims to fully integrate field work throughout the school encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding of the Geographical issues, landforms and demography within the local area.

We have developed strong links with the Royal Geographical Society and the students regularly attend events and evening lectures at the society in Kensington across all year groups.

Years 7, 8 and 9

A range of topics are covered at KS3 which help students to develop their Geographical skills and understanding. KS3 explores a wide-range of places, environments, societies and events that help to shape our planet, while taking into account the importance of a sustainable future. Geography is brought to life in the classroom through: up to date and interactive case studies; models and dioramas; news articles and clips; movies and films and debates. 

YEARS 10 & 11 - GCSE SYLLABUS (Edexcel)

Geography is a popular choice at GCSE. Students follow Edexcel Geography Specification A and study a range of human and physical topics whilst also developing their geographical skills. Fieldwork is an essential element of the GCSE syllabus so students can look forward to a 3 day residential field trip where they collect, analyse and evaluate data related a number of geographical issues.


A level students study the Edexcel Geography specification. Over the course of the two years a range of contemporary geographical topics are covered that provides all students with a breadth of knowledge that will equip them for further study. Geography is viewed by universities as a facilitating subject and it is therefore a course that universities recognise for its academic nature.  Whether or not students choose to study Geography further, it will equip them with a wide range of desirable skills that will help facilitate all students’ progress into the next stage of their lives. Our A level Geographers also enjoy a residential fieldtrip usually which helps to contextualise many elements of the topics covered by the A level syllabus and to help them prepare for the write up of their Independent Investigation.

"I love geography because it is a subject which holds the key to our future" - Maria
"Being a geographer is about exploring the world we live in and learning about the problems around us, using a range of different skills." - Maria
"I have found geography a brilliant way in finding out about the world without even having to leave the class room (although the legendary geography field trips have made it all the better!)" - Millie
"I like geography because it is educative and the lessons are very fun." - Frankie


Girls take advantage of a wide range of Geographical Fieldtrips taking place throughout their time at More House.  These include: mapping the local area, a trip to Kew Gardens, investigating “Who goes where?” in Hyde Park, a GCSE residential fieldtrip to Somerset as well as an A level residential fieldtrip.