Approach to Learning

At More House we value trust and good teacher-pupil relationships and consider these as the foundation of high-quality teaching and learning. We believe that the right conditions for learning need to be established in order for girls to flourish. These include our expectations of girls and, crucially, girls’ expectations of themselves. We seek to instil self-belief in each other as members of a supportive and driven community.

We value methods of teaching that are rooted in cognitive science and educational research, and prioritise the teaching of core knowledge, which we believe is vital to academic success. We deliberately teach revision and study skills to ensure that core knowledge is secure in the long-term memory and repeat tests and assessments throughout the year to promote ‘overlearning’. We believe that, over time, this fosters confidence and academic pride, whilst providing a secure foundation for the performance of more nuanced skills.

Teachers at More House are talented, energetic and committed. We teach responsively, which means that we are constantly engaged in the act of adapting our teaching based on our assessment of girls’ learning, in order to maximise their progress. We seek to make explicit what ‘excellence’ looks like and communicate this clearly to our pupils. Whilst we recognise that our pupils have a lot in common, we value their unique and diverse qualities. Their diversity is what makes teaching challenging; it is also the joy of it.

Visitors to our school comment on the girls’ enthusiasm for learning. They are keen to get the most out of lessons and motivated to achieve their best. Girls recognise that learning requires them to inhabit the space between right and wrong, confidence and uncertainty, and to be comfortable there. At the same time, they are equipped with the scientific principles of cognitive psychology that underpin learning, and proficient in employing techniques for retaining and recalling knowledge, developing and refining skills, and assessing and evaluating the quality of their learning. 


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