Support for Learning

At More House, Support for Learning is a whole school approach. Our teachers are aware of the different needs and learning styles of the pupils and are able to differentiate within the classroom more easily due to small numbers. As we are a small school, we are more easily able to focus on the individual. 

Head of Department

Mr J Roberts -

Learning Support Teacher 

Ms S Gunner -

Speech & Language Therapist

Mrs C Ward

Educational Pyschiatrist

Ms E Gillies

Occupational Therapist

Mrs J Courtney

Learning Support  Teacher

Ms V George

We also have specialist teachers who provide extra support to those who benefit from a different approach to help their literacy and numeracy as well as study, organisational and social skills. These 1:1 sessions enable some girls to ‘catch up’; they provide additional explanation and help the girls develop strategies and skills in reading, writing, understanding and sequencing Maths processes and in developing memory and problem-solving skills. 

The staff undergo regular training in all aspects of SEN, such as working with young people on the autism spectrum. We provide in-house testing for girls who may qualify for Access Arrangements in public exams, usually towards the end of Year 9.

A 1:1 session may be used to help guide a pupil through the process of researching on the internet for a piece of homework. Different key words can be tried out on different search engines and the results compared. Information can be highlighted from the main body of text and decisions made on what is useful and what can be discarded. Keywords from specific topics in a subject may be put on to coloured card to help learning. Some girls may find it helpful to vocalize Maths processes in order to break them down and remember more easily. Support is always relevant to whatever is being taught in the classroom at the time and all content is integrated with the school curriculum. It is always varied, being tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

We try to encourage the girls to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop their own strategies.  For this reason the Department finds itself working mostly with those in the Lower school. We find that girls receiving support, whether for a short or more extended time, enjoy the individual tuition and grow in confidence and independence as they develop insight into their own learning methods.


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