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More House fees are subject to annual review but every effort is made to keep the costs to a minimum.

Academic Fees 2020-2021

£6,950 (per term)

* Fees include school meals.

There is a £125.00 registration fee for each application and you will be required to pay a deposit (50% of one term's fees) on acceptance of your daughter’s place.  The deposit will be refunded at the end of your daughter’s time at More House. The deposit is non-refundable if your child does not take up the place offered.

Additional Fees

Private music lessons are available for singing, all string, woodwind and brass instruments, guitar and drums and are each £255.00 per term, payable to the individual music teacher. (10 individual 30 minute lessons)
There will be some trips available to pupils that incur an extra cost. Some of these are optional (e.g., Evening Theatre Trips) others are part of the curriculum (e.g. Activities Week).

Payment Information

  • Fees are due contractually by the first day of each term
  • A full term’s notice of withdrawal (given no later than the first day of the previous term) is required in writing to the Co-Heads or a term’s fees are payable in lieu of the correct notice
  • An allowance of up to 15% off the fees is given in respect of the eldest daughter when there are three (or more) sisters attending the School at the same time
  • Fees are payable on the first day of each term by direct debit. A direct debit form is available here. Please complete and email the form to our Bursar  bursarmhs@morehousemail.org.uk.

Pupil Insurances & School Fees Refund Scheme

Personal Accident: 

Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Students

The school maintains a Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Policy to give cover in the event of specified serious injuries occurring. The cover is operative whenever the pupil is engaged in any activity, arranged at or through the School, within the UK. Details of cover and benefits are shown in the attached brochure.

Personal Effects:

Pupils’ possessions, effects and baggage are not insured by the Governors against loss or damage, either on school property, elsewhere or in transit to and from school.  Parents are strongly advised to obtain such insurance which can usually be done through an extension on their own Home insurance policies, if not included automatically.


Annual insurance is arranged by the School in respect of trips and visits in the UK and abroad – details are available from the Bursar.


School or College Fees Refund Scheme

No reduction of fees is made by the School for absence through illness. Optional fee refund protection is available at a termly rate of £1.25% based on the termly fee.  Your participation amends your parent contract by entitling you to a refund of fees - please complete the attached form and return this to the School as soon as possible if you wish to be take advantage of this arrangement.

Alternatively print off the document, complete the fields in BLOCK capitals, scan, and return to the school by e-mail.


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