In May 2023 More House School entered Chelsea in Bloom for the first time.  We were also the first school ever to have entered Chelsea in Bloom to date, so are proud to be trailblazers. This year’s theme was Flowers on Film.

Our concept was based on Alice in Wonderland and the Roses Painted Red scene. The display in our doorway was made up of two large rose bushes, an oversized paint brush and of course, some iconic playing cards. The display was made as sustainable as possible – the frames for the rose bushes were made of repurposed wood from furniture around the school and for our playing cards, we used recycled paper, dried petals and lavender. The paint brush was made of dried palm leaves, taken from plants belonging to members of our community. Plants from around the school were also used to boost the greenery of the display and have now been returned to their original homes in classrooms and offices.

The display was masterminded by Mrs Wilson, our Head of Art, with a team of students led by Saffron in Year 12, a A-Level Textiles student who loves working with flowers and plants for her own designs. The playing cards and paint brush frames were made by some of our Year 7s and a team of teachers, parents and pupils volunteered to create and mount the display in time for the festival, which ran from 22 to 17 May.

We were awarded a Merit for our entry. We can’t wait for next year!